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Can you spare any change mate?

Am I rich? you must be joking!... I'm literally the poorest person I know.

I don't own any property or a big yacht, there is no office, there are no staff.

I'm a day-dreamer with problems and bills to pay, scratching a living in an increasingly expensive and hostile world.

I work very hard on this stuff and have done for almost twenty years now, most people wonder why the hell I bother.

If you are one of the few who DO understand, and if you like my stuff and find it useful, I would really appreciate a donation or two.

Thank you & God bless you my friend.

News : 3/4/2019 - CharPad 2.3.0 (Windows/.NET) now available to download.

SpritePad - Cross-dev sprite editing for the C64. Second to none.

CharPad - Innovative and powerful cross-dev game scenery and font editing for the C64.

FinalTAP - The original intelligent digitized Commodore 64 tape analysis and restoration tool.